This Holiday Season, Think: Easy for Me and Easy for You! 10 Mindfulness Tips for a Happy Holiday Season

If, as the holiday season approaches, you feel waves of anxiety and depression and wish it were over before it’s begun, perhaps it’s time for a re-think. Re-thinking your relationship to the holiday season creates an opportunity to design a happier, healthier, holiday experience – one that is based on your values, rather than on old-time, ragged … [Read more...]

To Love Life Make LOVE Your Muse

To love is an action word, a verb. When it comes to loving your life what does it actually mean? What is required to enable an act of giving and/or receiving love….to creating a loving environment? How do we know it and recognize love of life as an experience? When we can answer these questions to our satisfaction, we will have the basic … [Read more...]

How Highly Sensitive People can Conquer Overwhelm and Depletion and Leverage their Special Gifts

As a Therapeutic Touch teacher and coach, I’ve met a host of highly sensitive people. Deeply empathic and highly intuitive, they tell me they find themselves easily overwhelmed and/or depleted by others and the world around them. Often highly creative, introspective and reflective, many are drawn to the healing arts where their special empathic and … [Read more...]

6 Self Care Best Practices to Boost your Health and Self Esteem

Self-health, as a personal commitment and practice, is an expression of respecting and honoring your self. Your energy and general condition will let you know you’re attentive when you need to reclaim, restore and reset. As you learn to befriend yourself, your understanding of how you can support, care for and advocate for yourself will … [Read more...]

Transforming Archetypal Patterns of Behaviour that Keep you Stuck into Navigational Aids

Archetypes are universal patterns, ideas, and images that live and grow in the collective unconscious that express themselves through symbol or metaphor and can be recognized as inherent potentials. Archetypes are inborn tendencies shaping behaviour. When brought into conscious awareness, archetypes can be transformed from a hidden, repetitive and … [Read more...]

Remembering Michel and the Birth of the Healing Team

When I heard that Michel, a former Therapeutic Touch student of mine, was diagnosed with a variety of complex cancers on August 23rd and had been given 3 - 6 months to live, I resolved to do all I could to provide her with comfort and support to the end of her life and the idea of a Healing Team  was born. I reached out to my Therapeutic Touch … [Read more...]

Therapeutic Touch and the Pain that is Shingles

Last Tuesday when my sister arrived for a 6-week visit from her home in Geneva, she complained about insect bites, perhaps a spider she thought as she pulled up her shirt to show me a red and inflamed looking rash of blisters that ran from her spine to under her right breast. Ouch! The pain was both deep and surface. Wednesday morning, the pain … [Read more...]

Management vs Leadership…A Dance of Head and Heart

Harmony and productivity result when management and leadership work in partnership, doing things right and doing the right things. Entrepreneurs, artists and other self-governed individuals are both President and CEO of their own enterprise. As President, you lead from the heart to: Develop your personal mission Define your direction … [Read more...]

This Wonderfully Grounded Lightness of Being!

After years of searching, Natalie shares the breakthrough experience she has had with coaching. “Thank you, Julia, for helping me peel away untold layers of stuff and baggage and never giving up on me when I teetered on the edge of giving up on myself. The blame and difficult memories alive for so long have faded. They are miraculously being … [Read more...]

Healing Fatigue

When you are fatigued that’s it, you’re fatigued. There’s nothing more! In a state of fatigue, you are aware primarily of your inner state of extreme tiredness, which typically results from mental or physical overexertion or perhaps from a chronic condition or illness. Fatigue is marked by a lessening of joy or enthusiasm for something you … [Read more...]