Coach Training – Integrative Self Health Coach Certificate Training Program

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Registration Deadline: Friday,  June 22, 2018   

Help your patients help themselves

The ISHC certificate program is a new approach to the growing need for healing and wholeness in a system that has sacrificed high-touch sensibility for cost-efficiency and control, leaving patients, their families and healthcare professionals that care for them, feeling alienated and isolated.

How can you reconcile your need to help a patient or client be well while working

within a system that isn’t designed to treat them as a whole person? By learning “Self-health”, an approach that works alongside traditional western medicine, making care more integrated instead of just symptom-based, will help you help clients find the strength and support they need to put themselves and their care first.

That’s what the ISHC certificate program is all about.

The basis of the ISHC certificate program is “leader as healer/healer as leader.”

Through a rigorous curriculum, that balances theory and practice, students develop an integrative approach to facilitate their patients’ healing process and experience. The program is designed to help you integrate new knowledge into your existing practice, expand that practice or even launch a new business. 

What is an integrative self-health coach?

Coaches can be health care or social service professionals, support staff, care workers – in fact anyone who touches patients or clients on their wellness journey. Instead of imposing their knowledge, ISHC coaches are trained to partner with their clients and patients to foster new patterns of thought and behaviour, make new connections, and help people build peace and strength to navigate their situations in more positive ways.

The benefits

The positive effects of Integrative Self Health Coaching are tremendous, and they touch everyone involved in caring for others.

  • Patients and clients feel fully attended to and “touched” as people. They are more confident and empowered, make informed choices and learn to navigate the healthcare system on their terms.
  • Healthcare professionals learn to provide effective, professional, compassionate guidance that respects the patient’s role as leader.
  • Social service professionals learn to help themselves and their clients work within the system to achieve enhanced wellness.
  • Family caregivers feel supported and develop the resilience and skills they need to cope, all while caring for themselves and respecting their loved one’s personal wisdom.
  • The healthcare system benefits from an improved culture of patient-centered care that enhances the effectiveness of healthcare and social service delivery and transforms the patient experience.

Program Details

The intensive 18-month ISHC program aims to create wellness champions who enable their clients to direct their own healing paths — and in doing so, drive positive change across healthcare, social services, and the community.

In a small group setting, with mentoring and coaching support, the ISHC program covers topics such as:

  • Integrative Healing Techniques
  • Coaching Theory & Practice
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Business Plan Development

NEXT ISHC Course Start Date

Friday, September 21, 2018, 2018;   Registration Deadline: Friday, June 22, 2018  

Get started

As an ISHC practitioner, you will become an objective and compassionate coach who clients can trust to facilitate their healing. 

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